Amy Marzulla, LMSW
Ann Arbor Therapy and Counseling


The individuals that I work best with are looking for a treatment that is reciprocal and supportive, while also working through challenges and issues that may be barriers to fulfillment and satisfaction. I primarily work with individuals, from adolescents to adults, who may be working to better manage a variety of life stressors, and who are seeking validation, guidance, and professional insight. I have extensive experience in working with those who are facing issues related to; anxiety, depression, former sexual and/or abuse trauma, difficult life events and transitions, as well as those who are managing borderline personality disorder.

I specialize in a treatment that is mindfulness-based, collaborative, and supported by the most recent research. I meet clients where they’re at through careful consideration of their goals, needs, and preferences. My approach is down to earth and professional, kind and compassionate, while also direct and straight forward.

I take special care to recognize an individual’s unique set of identities and personal preferences related to age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, and religious/spiritual beliefs and values. I believe that every person is unique and worthy, and deserving of respect and understanding.

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